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Sorry, there is no shopping cart for the rings in this series. Because each ring is one-of-a-kind and there are so many options and variables, we invite you to email or phone for price and ordering information. FAQ at the bottom of this page will give some immediate answers.

The Celtic frame ring series has mostly been made to order for customers, however some are made for inventory and several of these are available for immediate sale. Usually the lead time required for a custom order is two to three weeks, but this can vary around the holidays and at other times when I am away from the studio for several weeks.

The creative process to make these rings is unique. It works best if you start by telling me which of the previous rings is most like, what you want and then allow me the artistic license to make spontaneous aesthetic choices.   I do not work from drawings and it is difficult for me to give you more than a rough plan for a proposed ring as a drawing.

To make one of these rings for you I need to have:
1. ring size
2. Design that is most similar to what you have in mind
3. Choice of materials, color of gold and stone choices
4. Preferences for symbols
5. Contact address, and phone number or email address
6. 50% payment before the work begins

Before the ring is made we will agree to general design, materials, price and delivery time. Federal Express is our preferred delivery. It will be fully insured and you will have to sign for it. I am glad to make one size adjustment for no charge within 90 days of purchase.

If you purchase a frame ring that is already made, the same terms that apply to our other jewelry applies to this purchase. That is a 30 day return for full refund. Rings which are made to order, especially those that are made to very special specifications are exempt from this offer of full refund for return and will be subject to a return fee that will depend on how likely we feel our opportunity is to sell the ring to another customer. We may, in the case of designs, stones or elaborate ideas that we consider especially risky, either refuse the job or accept it only with the understanding that the charge is not refundable. We have enjoyed very positive response from our customers and have rarely been asked for refunds or re-dos. 

Feel free to call me at 1-800-488-6347 to discuss any particulars. From outside the US or Canada phone 607-478-8567.
Stephen Walker


Frequently asked questions about custom rings from Walker Metalsmiths

How long will it take?

      Sometimes custom rings can be made in as short as 2 weeks, but 3 to 4 weeks is more realistic. It often takes a week or two of consultation to get the right stones sourced and to settle on the details. Some rings are immediately available in stock but size may cause delays.

How much will it cost?

    Prices are shown for rings that are available for immediate sale, but we consider a bit tacky to display the price of someone's personal custom purchase on the web. We are glad to quote costs for rings similar to any shown on the frame ring web page. Please be aware that in many cases the type of stone, quality and size can make a tremendous difference in price. See the example on the right more explanation.

Can I get a design in a different color of gold?

    Yes. We regularly use 14K yellow, white and rose gold. 18K yellow gold, platinum and occasionally 14K green gold (which is really just a different shade of yellow).

Can I use my own stones?

    Yes, we frequently use customer supplied stones that are  remounts from family heirlooms or trading up from older jewelry. We prefer that if you are shopping for a new stone that you let us supply it. Supplied stones do incur a charge for setting and we may decline to accept the risk on certain supplied stones that we feel are especially risky.

Can I see a drawing of how my ring will look before I order?

    Not really. The way Steve makes these rings involves a lot of spontaneous choices made during the crafting of the ring. Designs that fit together in a drawing often do not work with the size and proportions of the components. Each ring is a unique creation, but most begin with a customer that likes certain details of a previously crafted ring.

These rings look delicate. Can I wear them every day?

     These rings are somewhat delicate, but as long as you avoid exposing them to harsh abrasives and rough activities they should be just fine. Take them off if you are gardening, building sand castles, doing carpentry or that sort of thing. Many of our customers wear their rings all the time and they have held up well.

Will my ring need special care?

     Nothing you cannot easily do yourself. Occasional cleaning with dish detergent or tooth paste and a tooth brush will clean out material that has accumulated in the spaces. It is especially important to clean out behind stones to keep them looking bright. Even the best diamond will look dull if it is dirty on the back.

Can I have details or symbols that are not shown on any of the previous rings?

     Probably. Call or e-mail and we will see what we can do.

What if I don't like my ring? What is the policy for returns or refunds?

    Almost everyone has been delighted with their custom rings from Walker Metalsmiths. If you ask us to make something that is unusual, risky or unlikely to be appealing to another customer if it is returned  we will give terms that are appropriate to the situation. This would usually be a partial refund. This has only been requested once (touch wood).

Do any other stores or galleries carry Walker Metalsmiths' custom frame rings?

     There are several dealers that sell our standard ring designs, but the frame ring series is only available directly from the studio workshop in Andover, NY or at our Fairport, NY store at 140 Packets Landing.

Why are they called "frame rings"?

      This is a very descriptive but not very poetic choice of names for the rings that are composed of details welded into a frame. It seems like all the good Celtic jewelry collection names have been taken, but if you can think of something more exciting to call them, we are open to suggestions.

How do I know I can trust Walker Metalsmiths?

     Walker Metalsmiths has been in business for 24 years. Since 1992 we have been at One Main Street in Andover, NY. The easiest way to assure yourself that we offer reliable and honest work and business ethics is to check our Better Business Bureau rating by clicking the logo below.  

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This ring RF106 with a good quality 1 carat ruby and two small diamonds would cost $2250. A better quality ruby could push that price up to $3500. The very similar ring RF129 pictured below with a garnet is priced at $1950. The fact that the ring below is only one color of gold does not affect the price. It is the value of the stone that makes the difference in this case.

Emeralds are our most requested stones. Tsavorite is a beautiful natural green gem stone that has some advantages over emerald that Walker Metalsmiths has come prefer. Below is a comparison.


Green beryl Natural gemstone that has been used for jewelry since Biblical times. Associated with Ireland, The Emerald Isle, although it is not native to Ireland.

Fine quality is very expensive and most are enhanced with oil treatments.
Hardness 7.5 - 8 Mohs scale
Index of refraction 1.57
Frequently included or fissured with a tendency to be brittle. Not recommended for larger men's rings.


Grossular garnet Discovered in Tanzania in 1967. Introduced to the jewelry market in 1974 (just about the same time Stephen Walker began making jewelry) Colors vary from mint green to darker greens similar to the best emeralds.

Top quality natural tsavorite costs about the same as a medium quality emeralds even though tsavorite is a rarer stone.
Harness 7-7.5 Mohs scale
Index of refraction 1.73
Similar hardness to emerald but much more durable. Higher refraction gives it greater sparkle than emerald.