Celtic Ring  with Purple Sapphire, blue sapphires and diamonds RF205

This ring is very special to me as I made it for my daughter's engagement and wedding. Jeannie Walker is known to Walker's Celtic Jewelry fans as the manager of our store in Fairport, NY. The center stone is a 2 carat purple sapphire with two smaller blue sapphires and three tiny diamonds. The ring itself is 14K palladium white gold frame with rose and yellow gold details.

Recycled Family Gold

The ring incorporates gold from Jeannie's grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother. Irene (Bateman) Watt's wedding ring was melted down along wit the button and sprues from a previous project that contained gold from my mother, Barbara (Watt) Walker's original engagement ring as well as two rings that had been given to her when she was a child by her grandmother and a dear family friend. Jeanne's ring is three colors of gold. The yellow gold triquetras and gold granulation are made from this recycled family material, with some set aside for future family projects.

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Price of this sort of ring varies with stone size and quality as well as level of design complexity. To discuss having a ring custom made for you in this style call Walker Metalsmiths at
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