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An Teor an original Celtic heart design by Stephen Walker

Bagpipe Silver

Mother's jewelry with birthstones 
Birthstone chart


Kilt Pins Gallery


Celtic Crosses Illustrated Cross Index Page
Collum Cille Cross

Crosses in Gold by Stephen Walker
Crosses in Silver by Stephen Walker
Celtic Cross Ring
Medallion Celtic Crosses in Silver

 Medallion Celtic Crosses in Gold
Pectoral Cross
Saint Bridgid Cross in Gold 
Saint Bridgid Cross in Silver
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Children of Lir
Married Metal and Mokume Bowl 

Claddagh Jewelry

Cuff Links

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Gold Celtic designs
Silver Celtic designs
Gold and Silver Celtic creations

Frequently Asked Questions

Heart Designs
Claddagh Jewelry
Gold and Silver earrings
Heart-Knot Wedding Band
"Music of my Heart" ring

Kilt Pins

Liturgical Arts

Luckenbooth Brooches

Men's Jewelry Most of our jewelry is unisex , but this page has some suggestions for things that are more specifically men's gifts.

Money Clip

Mokume-Gane and Married Metals
Children of Lir Bowl 
How Mokume is made

Married Metals Bowls and Candlesticks

MFA Show, more mokume from 1980

Married Metal and Mokume Jewelry

Celtic Cross

Gold Celtic Crosses
Silver Celtic Pendants by Stephen Walker
Gold Celtic Pendants by Stephen Walker

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Gold Celtic Rings
Silver Celtic Rings
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Saint Bridgid Cross

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Gold Tie Tacs
Silver Tie Tacs

Triquetra earrings
Triquetra pendant

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