Celtic Love Knot Jewelry 

Celtic Jewelry for St. Valentine's Day, in Gold and Silver
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The romantic notion of the knot as a symbol of love can be be expressed using traditional Celtic design. Walker Metalsmiths has been hand crafting original heart knot creations since before we first began offering our knotwork designs in magazines, catalogs and on the internet.  The heart knot ring called "Ceol mo Chridhe" shown above is one of the most reproduced Celtic heart designs of all time. This is not because we have made so many of them but because it adorned Walker Metalsmith's ads in Smithsonian Magazine for several years. Over 2 million copies of the image appeared in print each month.

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Ceol mo Chridhe
heart knot ring R2

14K sizes 3 to16

Available in Silver $42

Heart knot bands
R24 narrower,
14K Sizes 4 to16

R25 wider, silver
14K sizes 8 to 16

Claddagh Rings

Gold heart jewelry

Silver heart jewelry

"Heart knot" and "Ceol mo Chridhe" designs (C) Copyright Stephen Walker


Celtic knotwork symbolism has many messages. It may be a lover's knot, a reminder of life's meandering quest or an emblem of a person's Celtic heritage. The repeated crossings of the knot  can represent the weaving of the physical and spiritual paths and the eternal continuum of life, love and faith. More about Celtic Symbolism.

Hearts are traditional in late medieval Scottish and Irish decorative art. About 1990 Walker and a number of other Celtic designers spontaneously and independently incorporated the heart into the knotwork tradition of Celtic art. The popularity of the Claddagh ring (heart, crown and hands) has made this design equally popular with men and women. The Josephine's Knot or Granny Knot is also considered a lover's knot, since it is a linking of separate closed paths. This traditional knot makes a very lovely wedding ring.


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