Colored Gold and Gemstone Celtic Designs, Page Two

Work in progress, updated 2013

These pieces contain 14 karat yellow, rose, and white gold with genuine gemstones.
Details in some pieces are of 18K or 22K for greater variety of color. Sizes are shown in inches for the width and height of the pendants. 
Pieces are generally one-of-a-kind. Those marked SOLD may be reproduced to fulfill special orders. Recently sold pieces may be viewed by clicking here.

Brooch SW485A
Silver frame with colored golds with amethyst, sapphire and blue topaz
1.75" w x .1.25" h

Necklace SW485-C
14K Rose gold frame with yellow and white gold details.
1.75" w x .1.25" h

Necklace SW709
Colored gold with emerald, ruby and sapphire
1.25" w x 1" h

Necklace SW482A
14K Yellow, rose and white gold with Madera citrine 


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Brooch, silver and gold with ruby and pink tourmaline
1.75" w x 1.1" h

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Necklace SW482S
14K Yellow and Rose gold with  Sapphire and Diamonds with 18" Chain
 1.1" w x 1.75"h

Silver frames with 14K gold set with emeralds



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