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We get a lot of interest in our family history since our business is so much a result of our Celtic heritage. We hope eventually to add a proper genealogy page to this web site. Until then to be a little more specific about the Walker ancestry we offer the following on our Scottish and Irish ancestors.
This is written by Stephen Walker, b 3 march 1957 Syracuse NY. Married Susan M. Thomson 11 July 1981, Andover NY.

Rhynie Man

Several important Pictish stones have been excavated at Rhynie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I am absolutely sure that the so-called "Rhynie Man" is a direct ancestor. Probably one of the many Jimmy Walkers down towards the murky roots of the family tree. The balding hair pattern, tallness, posture, turned up toes and distinctive nose and teeth are all family traits that survive in various relatives. I cannot understand why he is always described as holding an ax, he is obviously golfing. Click here if you are planning on visiting Rhynie.

My great grandfather who immigrated from Scotland was John Walker b.14 Apr 1865, Chapel of Garioch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland settled in Bennington, Vermont, USA were he died in 1905. His son Donald was my grandfather. John’s parents were:

James Walker and Margaret Reid were married at Tullynessle and Forbes, Aberdeenshire on 14 June 1857. They are buried in Fyvie, Aberdeenshire where James was railroad stationmaster. They had at least nine children as follows:

Margaret b.26 May 1857, Tullynessle and Forbes
Isabella b.6 Mar 1859, Tullynessle and Forbes
James b.6 Oct 1861, Tullynessle and Forbes, went to America with John but then lost.
Henry Edward b.19 Aug 1863, Chapel of Garioch
John b.14 Apr 1865, Chapel of Garioch
Alexander b.6 May 1867, New Deer
Mary Lipp b.27 Jul 1869, Keith, Banffshire
Margaret Ann b.27 May 1872, Keith, Banffshire
Helen b.abt 1878, Keith, Banffshire

James Walker was born on 19 Dec 1836 and baptized on 4 Feb 1837 in the parish of Rhynie, Aberdeenshire. James had an elder sister Margaret born and baptized in 1833 also in Rhynie. James parents were James Walker and Christian Walker ( nee Lipp ). James was also the name of the grandfather of James.

Margaret Reid, wife of James Walker was born in the parish of Tullynessle and Forbes, Aberdeenshire. Her great-grandfather Archibald Reid was born before 1680 and is our most remote known Scottish ancestor. Most of this family lived in and around Alford as far back as we can trace.

Donald Walker (Grandpa) married Cecilia Liberty (Grandma Walker) also of Bennington. Grandma’s own grandmother Margaret Gibney was born in Ireland in 1847. I would like to find out more about the Gibneys. The only Gibney I have ever personally met is quite appropriately an Irish woodcarver. We do not know if Clive is related but he certainly is a kindred spirit.

The Watt family is also from Aberdeenshire and Kincardinshire.

My mother’s father: William Rogie Watt, b 19 Sept 1899 d.2 Feb 1974, came to the US via Niagara Falls Ontario with his parents in 1908, more or less, they spent a year in Canada before settling in Volney NY. We have always assumed that Grandpa Watt was born in Peterculter, he actually was born in Garvock, Kindardineshire. Peterculter is where the relatives that corresponded lived and that is where some of them are buried. In 1975 I was in Scotland and as soon as I stepped off the bus in Peterculter 2 old men asked me where I was going. When I explained my connection to Peterculter they claimed to remember "Willie Watt" who went to America. They were both about his age or a little older. There were several other Willie Watts, one killed in W.W.I so I am skeptical that they could so easily recall a lad they had not seen in 67 years.

My cousin Charles Crockett, the son of Grandpa Watt's aunt Annie Watt Crockett has some information from the OPR and census.

William Rogie Watt was the son of George Watt b.13 October 1868 Pittenkerry, Banchory d.1 August 1949 and Margaret Rogie b.15 November 1875 d. 22 May 1964. George and Margaret had 2 daughters, Agnes b.14 December 1902 in Scotland and Florence b.9 July 1904 (I always remember thinking that Florence was born after they settled in the US, I guess I was mistaken)

The document I have is hand written and the place names are especially difficult to decipher.

George Watt was the eldest son of William Watt and Ann Fraser. His siblings were:

William b 13 Aug 1870 Pittenkerrie, Banchory, Tornan (sp?)
Marjorie b. 25 Mar 1872 "
Jane Thon b. 3 Apr 1874 "
Alexander Strachan b. 15 Feb 1876, Craigmyl, Kincardine O'Neil
Findlay b. 5 Mar 1878 "
Annie b. 7 April 1880 "
James b. 24 May 1882 Auchlia, Porthken (sp?)
Hugh b. 14 Sept 1884 Redmyre, Porthken
Maggie Gillanders b. 19 Mar 1887 "

William Watt farmed 120 acres arable at Pittenkerrie, Banchory, Tornan (Torphins?) The 1881 census for Kincardine O'Neil, Ourch (?) Sacra Parish of Torphins, Craigmyle Manion House, Greive's House lists:

William Watt, head, age 40, Farm Greive, born Maryculter
Ann Watt, wife, age 38, Grieve's wife, born Skene
It then lists all the children except George who should have been aged 12 at the time. It has been assumed that this William Watt's (b. 1840) father was named George and his mother was Mary Robertson. George’s mother was supposedly named Margaret.

From OPR Skene

18 Feb 1844, Finlay Fraser in Barnie and his wife Mary Troup had twin children named Ann and Margaret baptized before witnesses, They were born 19 Jan preceding. Finlay Fraser was a road construction overseer. Finlay was a twin himself, his brother was named Simon, born at Delecleag. in Boleskine, Inveness-shire (right on Loch Ness) 3 January 1799. Finlay's parents were Donald Fraser and Margaret McLean.

Margaret Rogie b.1875 was the daughter of John Rogie and Agnes Cushney. We remained in contact with Rogies in Peterculter until at least 1961 where they had kept the farm at Easter Anguslia since 1888.

My wife Susan Thomson is descended from Thomsons from Nova Scotia and Galloways who came to the U.S. in the 18th century on her father's side and Irish who came to the US in the 1920's on her mother's side. Susan's farther was Richard Arthur Thomson who was the son of Gavin James Thomson and Lucille Galloway. The Galloways settled around Binghamton NY. Susan's mother Dorothy Delaney was born in Auburn NY but both of Dorothy’s parents were of Irish ancestory. Grandma Delaney was born Ellen (but usually called Helen or Lena) Duggan in Cahir, Co. Tipperary. Dorothy's father was David Delaney, was born in Auburn NY. Helen was one of 14 children who are scattered around the world. Her parents were William Duggan, a tailor who lived on Abbey Road and Mary Butler.

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