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Begun on 1 May 2000 this list now has about 180 members in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium. Most of the subscribers are practicing artists and designers but anyone interested in Celtic Art is welcome. Appropriate topics of discussion are Celtic Art of any period and issues relating to the creation, heritage, meaning, cultural relevance, marketing, collecting and appreciation of Celtic Art.

Home Pages of (some) Celtic Art List Members 
We are in the process of collecting images from members. Listings are made only when the subscriber requests the addition, or after the url has been included in a message to the list. List members may either submit a small jpeg, 150 x 150 pixels, more or less or ask the webmaster to choose one from their site. To request additions or removal contact the moderator.

Ruth Black, Evergreen Crafts, Inverness, Scotland

Cindy Matyi 
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Alec MacCrea
Alfred, NY, USA


Aidan Breen
Sord Columcille, Ireland irish-craft-directory.com/aidanbreen

Matthew Kells
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Stephen Walker
Andover, NY, USA

Vitor González 
Avilés, Asturies http://www.keltia-art.com

Catherine Crowe
Ontario, Canada

Jen Delyth
California, USA http://www.kelticdesigns.com

Chris Down
Salisbury, England

Lesley Davies http://www.lesleydavies.co.uk/




Jim Summers
Peterhead, Scotland, UK

Peter Mulligan
5 Woodland Avenue
Abington Park
Northampton NN3 2BY
UK No link 

Beryl Hamilton
New Auburn, Wisconsin


Christelle Cazabat
Paris, France

Luis Porretta
Nanaimo. BC Canada 

Bernard Casimir http://www.celtic-casimir.aunz.com 

Sara & Andrew Mc Murray-Day
Celtic Moon Design http://www.celticmoondesign.com/


Will Corely CelticOneDesign http://www.welcome.to/CelticStone

John Baker
West Dorset, England


Daniel L. Isdell http://www.clanbadge.com/knots.htm Mary & Mark Fleeson http://www.lindisfarne-scriptorium.co.uk Crawford and Marie Shortt http://www.tonndara.com/
Lara Frater, Celt Digital, http://www.celtdigital.org Rab McCullough http://www.rabthekelt.co.uk Kelly Kerin  http://www.kellykerin.com
Pat Fish http://www.luckyfish.net Rachel Arbuckle http://www.rachel.arbuckle.com Robin MacGrogan  centurytel.net/norforkvillagepottery/
Steve O'Loughlin http://www.stevenoloughlin.com John Urban http://www.jurbanrings.com/index.html David Barton celtic-connections-magazine.co.uk
Joe Adams http://www.worldfusionart.com/  Diane Pentland 
Celtic Skye Knitwear http://www.celtic-skye.com
Amanda Fisher, portfolio site http://www.pixelations.com/portfolio
 ecommerce store is at: http://www.electriccelt.com
Paul Kavanagh-Mosson http://www.terra.es/personal5/gaidheal/ Murray Heasman
West Cork, Ireland
Michael Carroll http://www.mccelticdesign.com
Johanna Pieterman http://www.johannas-art.com Lisa Laughy ~ NINTH WAVE DESIGNS  http://www.ninthwavedesigns.com David James http://www.celticdelights.co.uk  artwork and crafts transformations
    http://www.westcoastcarvings.co.uk Carvings on Scotland's West Coast.
    www.thecelticplanet.com News and discussion forum.


Rab Gordon ~ Rainnea Graphics  http://www.rainnea.com  Patrick Gallagher http://www.celtart.com

Jane and David Good http://www.thecelticcross.com

Ruth Perry (AKA Rozella Linden)  http://rozellalinden.com



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