New work 2003 - 2005

This temporary page is an preview of our new work.

Colored gold Celtic design in fine jewelry with a contemporary look.
More work like this hearts, More like this in silver and colored gold.

One of a kind hair barrette, yellow and rose gold with Iona stones

Married Metal Bowl. Click for more detail.

This piece uses mokume from 3 billets. The top section is brass, copper and bronze. The central section is silver and copper. The bottom foreground is silver and nickel silver. The red comes from heat treating the copper. With time it will mellow into more brownish tones.

This pendant/bead is a hollow construction with a mokume girdle. Four billets are used. The sky is silver and nickel silver, copper and silver make the distant mountains, the middle ground is bronze and the foreground is nickel silver and brass. The edge is brass, copper and nickel silver.

Hinge linked bracelet, made by Danielle with a little help from the master.

Three piece hinged bracelet.

Belt Buckle

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