Stephen Walker

Stephen Walker was originally attracted to Celtic design by way of Celtic music. At age 14 he found his life revolving around the Allegany Highlanders Bagpipe Band. Many of the musicians were also inclined towards craft artistry and they made many of the components of their uniforms, and some eventually even their own instruments.

Young Walker went from making band regalia to jewelry and art metal. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1980 with an art degree in Metalsmithing and then earned his Master of Fine Arts degree at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1982, where he specialized in Mokume-Gane and married metals.

Since 1984 Walker has been making his own line of jewelry and hollowware that is exhibited at Arts Festivals, Craft Fairs, at museum shops, galleries and Celtic shops nationwide.  To see his current creations go to

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