2007.Pictured left to right, standing: Maggie, Stephen, Susan, Andrew, Donald, Kevin, Barbara.
Seated: Jeannie, Eymer, Willie, Stephen.

July 11, 2006. Stephen and Susan's Silver Wedding Anniversary
Pictured from left to right: Susan, Stephen, Andrew, Jeannie, Barbara, Maggie, Stephen, Donald, Willie and his dog.
Walker family home in Andover.

Walker Family July 4, 2005 (Barbara's Birthday) Left to right: Stephen, Susan, Barbara, Donald, Andrew, Willie, Jeanne, Stephen J., Maggie.
Photo taken on Lever Hill,  looking West over the Village of Andover, NY.

2002, Pictured, in the back Stephen, his mother Barbara, Jeannie, Andrew, Maggie and Susan. In front are Willie, Donald, little Stephen and Eymer the Dog.

Walker Family on Iona, August 2000
From the left: Susan, Willie, Stephen, Baby Stephen, Maggie, Donald and Andrew
Jeannie is absent, spending a year in Denmark

Donald, Susan, Willie, Stephen and his mother Barbara, Maggie, Jeannie, Andrew and Maple