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Updated  2013

The Celtic Wedding Resource Site wants to put your wedding on the internet. If your wedding has a Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Manx, Cornish or Breton flavor please join us. Help us share ideas about traditions.

Celtic Wedding Page


WalkersCeltic Jewelry

Caroline and David MacLeod

Emily and Patrick

Davie and Pamela Tait

Elise & Leigh Whetter

Stephen and Susan Walker

Angus and Joan Milne

William and Barbara Walker

Leslie and DeAnne McKay

William and Delores MacCrea

Rory and Debbie MacCrea



We seek to show a cross section of Celtic nationalities in the wedding album pages. We need to add some Irish and Welsh weddings, also sought are Manx and Breton weddings and weddings in Canada and New Zealand. Please help us out if you can contribute some appropriate material.

Submissions: Are preferred by e-mail to Walker Metalsmiths Please put the word "wedding" in the subject line. Typed or handwritten correspondence by snail mail are also welcome. Your print photos will be returned if requested. We can scan photo prints or welcome electronic transmission of images (jpg and gif files).